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Sold 2 Christ
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I've added a Myspace page that I totally forgot I had under my homepage.

gift4christ@aim.com, secondary email in case gmail is being bad. Always try gmail first, though. That's the one I usually check.

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Just because I thought it might come in handy, I made a back-up account at Greatestjournal.com, http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/gift4christ

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As the picture - stolen from, alive_n_christ. Thanks, Kiddo, I trust you don't mind, ;) - suggests, this is my Personal Friends-Locked/Privatized Journal. I will only "Friend" those I can really trust. In the meantime, all that you must know about me is...well nothing.

As for debating communities: I will listen to you so long as you don't do something stupid like call me a cruel jerk right off the bat, and yes that has happened before. Only once in well over a year, but it has happened and that's why I made a second Journal. And guess what I did after that? I deleted her comment and that's what I'll to anyone else who treats me likewise. You've been warned, I don't tolerate that immaturity. Then again, who does?

So, if you aren't on my Friends List, then why don't you go make yourself useful and visit a Journal that you will actually be able to read. ;) Have fun!

However, you also might be visiting this Journal because you noticed an addition to your "Friends of" List. If that be the case, you're probably wondering what stranger could possibly trust you enough to grant you access to a private journal. Well, the answers that you're looking for are right here:


And just so you know....


Marriage is defined by God, not by Man.